Alistair Moores-Pitt is the founder and managing director of Moores-Pitt Premium Poultry. He studied a Bachelor of Agricultural management at UKZN in Pietermaritzburg and has always had a passion for farming and agriculture. 

During his last semester at varsity he decided to build a house out of metal sheets on his parents small holding in Hilton, KZN and begin chicken farming as a hobby. It wasn't long before he realized that he really enjoyed the challenge poultry farming gave him and he decided he wanted to give the community around him an opportunity to purchase and consume free-range chickens of superior quality and taste. 

Alistair is driven to changing the way in which poultry are farmed in South Africa. He believes strongly that consumers deserve the choice of having ethically and sustainably reared, brine, additive and hormone-free chickens and that is what he has set out to achieve.

Having started with only a few door-to-door sales it didn't take long for the business to start growing once people had tried and appreciated the quality of the bird he can produce. In the last two years he has been able to grow his business big enough to require 5 chicken houses on the small holding; bring on a partner and fellow farmer Mark Stiebel (more below) and expand onto his farm in Eston which holds another two houses, and has been able to provide jobs to about 5 farm workers, including two farm managers. You can also now find is birds in retails stores stretching from the Midlands down to the North Coast and even in some of the finest dining restaurants in KZN. 

Alistair is extremely grateful for the support he has received and excited to continue growing and providing premium produce to the people of KZN and hopefully eventually the rest of SA.

Mark Stiebel joined Moores-Pitt Premium Poultry just over a year ago after having come back to South Africa from a farming stint in Nebraska, North America. Both Alistair and Mark decided it was a brilliant idea to expand the poultry houses onto the farm in Eston which Mark runs with his farm manager.

Mark's dad is a farmer and farming has always been a big part of his life and has started developing into a passion for him too. Mark helps run the logistics & deliveries at Moores-Pitt Premium Poultry and grows brilliant free-range chickens in the ideal Eston weather. 

He looks forward to seeing this business grow and to continue providing the public with the option to purchase a premium quality brine, hormone & additive free bird with Alistair long into the future.