What we offer


Moores-Pitt Premium Poultry is a free-range chicken farming business based in the midlands & Eston area. We pride ourselves on producing a premium quality free-range chicken that lives by our motto of "chicken that tastes like chicken". We strive to ensure that all free-range standards are upheld and the quality of the final product is never impacted,  no matter the level of growth in the business.

The cost of the chicken you buy includes natural growth time of the chicken; no hormone driven growth. A low stocking density ensuring our chickens have ample space inside the houses and in our oat-grass cultivated free-range areas, top- quality feed, sanitation and care as well as no brining, hormones or additives added during or after their lifespan. It's all about our final product that you buy, being the natural product it was reared as; 100% real chicken.


Our main production and selling focus is on our large whole birds, with sizes ranging from 800g- 1.2kg; our medium birds of 1kg and spring chickens of 700-900g. We also sell pieces, giblets/ livers, breasts and wings subject to order size and availability. We don't look to compete on price, we compete on quality. The selling point we are most passionate and excited about is the fact that when you buy our chicken and cook it; what you bought is what you'll eat. Tender and juicy meat with a crispy skin and authentic free-range chicken taste; you have to try it to believe it.

Due to time and logistical constraints we do not do individual deliveries but we deliver to restaurants and retail outlets from the Midlands through to Salt Rock. Have a look at the "find us here" tab to ensure you can get your hands on one of our premium poultry's on your next shopping trip.


We deliver our chickens fresh on a Tuesday and Friday every week, starting from Hilton & heading down to salt rock. Should you wish to order; this will need to be done on a Friday/ Sunday and/ or a Wednesday. You can organize deliveries once or twice a week if the order is big enough.

**If you are eager to try our product and do not see it in your local store, give either us or the store's butchery manager a ring and we should hopefully be able to work something out